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Njiri Eco Camp is based in Coutada 9, a wildlife area located between Tete and Chimoio in Mozambique. Our guests join us on a safari with a difference. No more just sitting in the car, this is about getting your hands dirty, taking part and making a difference.


Njiri Eco Camp was built in 2013 by Mokore Safaris. Mokore has been involved in Coutada 9 since 2005, Njiri is it's newest camp. When it took over management of the area there was very little game due to the Mozambique civil war. Over the last 13 years the area has blossomed, this is due to the introduction of animals and infrastructure to the area, including waterholes and anti-poaching by Mokore Safaris and it's partners.


Volunteer at Njiri Eco Camp, join us on our Adventure and Conservation Safaris or for local clients

keep it simple with our self catering option.

Orange sunset at Njiri

Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 30 years of experience offering high quality, personalised safaris. The company is run by founders Barrie and Bertie Duckworth together with their sons, Gary and Neil.

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Beautiful lioness Mozambique

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